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101 Traits of Fools by Robert D. Smith

Posted by & filed under Personal Growth.

How do you recognize the fools in your life? Here are a few ways to spot them in today’s video blog:

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You can get the FULL list of 101 Traits of Fools for FREE by clicking here.

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And DON’T let #62 be you!

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  • The video was absolutely delightful to watch – and I love the laughing moments. I was laughing rather hard and trying to be quiet (rather hard for me to do) in our group work space. Thanks for the smiles. However, when I click the link there is no pdf to download – you can keep clicking but nothing happens … so not sure if this is a part of the “fool” thing or if there really suppose to be a download. =) I tried on both Safari and Firefox haha.

    • Joshua Swift

      Glad I wasn’t the only one cause I was feeling like a fool, too!

    • Hooray! It’s working!! =) Thanks Robert for the great resource!!

  • Joshua Swift

    Hey Robert,
    I loved the video and tried to download the PDF but it wouldn’t work. Not sure if it’s on my end or yours. I look forward to reading about all 101 traits of fools. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • UGH!!! So sorry to all. Let us give it the old college try one more time. I am looking at it right now. There must have been a “short” in the internet. :-)

  • Your laughter was contagious Robert. Thanks for that and more.

  • Joshua Swift

    Great list! I loved #60!

  • Melinda Todd

    This was so much fun to watch. Your laughter is contagious and makes you a joy to watch!

  • Steven Tessler

    Love this! Loved the pdf it worked fine for me. Downloaded it and I’m printing it and hanging it up at work.

  • Put your laugh on a loop so whenever I feel down, I will instantly crack up!

    • This group around here that I work with stays pretty much in the loop of laughter continuously. I believe that is our main form of exercise… :-)

  • Holly Loftin

    Ha-Ha, number 101! God made fools likeable for the same reason he made babies adorable. It offsets all the “smelly poo” you’re gonna have to deal with! :-) LOVED your list!!

  • Wow. Reading through these I realize how many areas I am fool.
    So this is a good checklist. Thank you Sir.

  • I will reread this.
    I want the one that applies to one who uses “republican or democrat as an insult.
    It is too narrow of a mind.

  • DS

    Thanks for this Robert – I’m pretty sure you’re one of the only blogs I read that could pull something off like this. Entertaining, and helpful – great job!

  • Elmor Etones

    After downloading the Pdf format, I immediately look in #62, oh! I don’t wanna wait anymore!! lol!!! Thanks Sir RobertD for this blog, God bless you sir! #41 is so funny!! hahaha! :D

  • Anita Bingamon

    I keep getting a 404: File Not Found whenever I click on the link in this article.