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Battle-Tested Branding gives you behind-the-scenes info on:

  • My exact process for building a life-changing career from the ground up
  • How to make publishers and literary agents LOVE you
  • The biggest mistake you can make when starting out
  • How to attract booking agencies and promoters to your content
  • How to finally get your message out to the masses

Hey friend,

Here’s a brief story that can mean BIG things for the message you are trying to get out to the world.

A few months ago, an extremely successful friend of mine who I’m sure you’ve heard on the radio or seen in the Bestseller section at bookstores asked me for a favor. He wanted me to come in and talk to a group of young speakers he’s put together about, basically, how to “make it” in the business of speaking and writing.

I was flattered because this is a guy whose career I have marveled at for more than a decade now…and he was asking me for help!=

I immediately started listing the things that I knew had guided me throughout the orchestration of three New York Times bestsellers and getting Andy Andrews to become Premiere Speakers Bureau’s most-requested speaker.

So I started writing, and what I was left with was a list of eight things that I’ve come back to again and again for the past 30 years. Without fail, every successful person I’ve come into contact with has embodied these eight characteristics.

For authors, these eight things will make publishers and literary agents LOVE you. You will quickly become their #1 client, someone they will bat for every time.

For speakers and entertainers, the same is true. Just insert booking agencies, audiences, and promoters instead of publishers and literary agents.

Anyway, I’ve since been asked to share these eight points so many times, I thought I’d put them in a format where everyone could access them. That’s what you’re seeing on this page—Battle-Tested Branding: A Simple Blueprint for Anyone with a Message to Share.

This short eBook is all about the changes you can make about yourself that will instantly make you the type of person who attracts interest and opportunities at every turn.

If you think you’re ready to become a successful (or more successful) author, speaker, or entertainer, you need to read this eBook. Type in your name and e-mail and start reading today.

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