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The One Thing You Must NEVER Do—Ever!

Posted by & filed under Personal Growth.


This ONE activity could legitimately stop everything you do businesswise, personally, and socially. It could make all your efforts to this point obsolete. Worthless. It is a mindset that can completely deflate everything you’ve done. It is a thought process with a dead-end. It is a stop sign that will negate everything you’ve done up […]

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How to Get People to Fight to Have What You Offer

Posted by & filed under Publishing.

Orange Puzzle Piece

It’s time for a quality checkup on your latest idea. Let’s start by acknowledging the massive amount of freedom you possess at this very moment. Isn’t it amazing that right now, in your career you have total artistic freedom? You have complete control over:  The song you want to sing. The book you want to […]

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My 4-Step Secret to Generating BIG Ideas

Posted by & filed under Entrepreneurship.

Transcript of Video Below: The most successful people know how to generate BIG ideas. The good news: Big ideas don’t come from the top 1% of exceptional people. Big ideas come from exceptional thinking. You may be at a point in your business where you desperately need that next BIG idea. Don’t break your back […]

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