“Coming Soon” Will Never Come

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Up Close Watch Gears

“Coming soon.” There cannot be two more useless words in the English language for an author, entrepreneur, or entertainer. These two words say nothing positive about you. They simply show your incompetence. No one is excited about what might be “coming soon.” No one knows what “soon” even means. Define soon… Days? Months? Years? I [...]

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Please Answer the Phone!

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There is always someone just out of your reach. Someone you’re hoping to connect with. Someone you don’t know who won’t return your phone call. When you do get a foot in the door with that influential person, you can’t waste the opportunity. If you are someone who is: Struggling financially… Not where you want [...]

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Your Habits Grow and Die with Baby Steps

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Shoes on the Grass

If you’re reading this, you most likely want to create good habits and live a better life. Everyone wants to be better. Everyone wants to read more, work out more, eat healthier. Everyone. But not everyone succeeds. And I can tell you why—they make it WAY too hard on themselves. If you want to succeed [...]

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