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How to Get People to Fight to Have What You Offer

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It’s time for a quality checkup on your latest idea.

Let’s start by acknowledging the massive amount of freedom you possess at this very moment. Isn’t it amazing that right now, in your career you have total artistic freedom?

You have complete control over: Orange Puzzle Piece

  • The song you want to sing.
  • The book you want to write.
  • The topic of your presentation.
  • How you want the show to be put together.
  • Where you want to take your career and your life.

In the world of publishing and entertainment that artistic freedom is an extremely hot commodity.

I know you have a deep desire to create these things, to have a side income, to change the world.

But I want you to listen very closely . . .

Whatever you are creating must do ONE thing before it has any chance of being successful:

It must meet a need.

Otherwise, people will pay no attention to you.

I’ll repeat that: Meet a need or get ignored.

People are busy. They will tune you out, no matter how good you think your product is.

BUT…if you meet their needs—the people will speak. They will come running from down the road. They will knock your door down to get what you have.

Before any of that happens you must cross the rough waters of creating something that people must have.

Fighting the Rapids

Most likely, you will not cross these rapids in a day.

You’re not supposed to.

Most people look at their career as an event, instead of a process. It is not an end result. It is actually a journey. It is not one year lived in one day. It is one day at a time. It is one day lived over and over again in 365 day increments.

I know you don’t want to hear this—but there’s no speed boat to carry you across the rapids.

The bad news: There is no way but the harder way.

The good news: YOU are more than capable of taking the harder way.

You’ve already proven that in a dozen different ways.

The “Fun Sheet” to the right will direct you as you get laser-focused on the need you are going to meet with your skill set.

Question: What one need have you noticed that must be met? How does your idea meet that need?

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  • Thank you Robert for this tool, but more importantly for pulling no punches.

  • All that I know is I have a VOICE and my VOICE has roots steeped in pain, in triumph and in helping others move forward. Thanks for the insightful post! Good…Great….Stuff!!!

  • Douglas R Kiba

    Thanks, Robert. A good reminder about the power of “need”.

  • Dan Erickson

    The harder way is the only way. Amen and amen.

  • Jamie Slingerland

    Robert great post. This is where the rubber meets the road