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My 4-Step Secret to Generating BIG Ideas

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Transcript of Video Below:

The most successful people know how to generate BIG ideas.

The good news: Big ideas don’t come from the top 1% of exceptional people. Big ideas come from exceptional thinking.

You may be at a point in your business where you desperately need that next BIG idea. Don’t break your back trying—it’s not as hard as you are making it.

People who fail to generate ideas simply don’t know what they are doing. They are a lot like the people in the gym who use the exercise equipment the wrong way.

Today, I’m going to show you how NOT to be one of these people. I’m going to pull back the curtain and give you my 4-step method of generating a ton of ideas at rocket speed. And, you can do it in as little as 15 minutes.

4-Step Idea Generator


1. Ask Yourself Questions

Simply asking a question can create a brilliant idea. Ask yourself a hard question. Then ask another one. And another (i.e.: how could customers use our products in unexpected ways?).

Aim your questions at the problems you (or your audience) experience. Soon, you’ll have a swarm of possible answers, and several amazing ideas!

Ideas sparked from questions become possibilities. Acting on these possibilities will transform them into probabilities. The more probabilities you create, the more chances you will have to achieve a level of success that will WOW you. That’s the process.

2. Allow ALL Ideas

Do not suffocate your idea while it’s growing—that’s like trying to breathe with a plastic bag over your head! I assure you, that will kill you and your ideas.

Let the ideas flow—whiteboard them—all of them. That means write, without judgment and allow every idea that comes to your mind to make it to the table.

You must do this early in the process.

Most of the ideas that spill out will not work. And some will sound foolish. That’s okay. Some may need to be reworked. That’s okay too. There will be a time in the process where you rule out those ideas. But first, get them all on the table. During the brainstorming process, there are no bad ideas.

3. Don’t Be Stingy with Ideas!

Stop rationing ideas like gold coins! Yes, ideas are valuable. But

once you practice this new way of thinking, you will see, there is an unlimited supply of ideas! So use the brilliant ones you already have—and stop sitting on them.

By withholding your best ideas, you are running your business into the ground. Don’t hold out on the people who gain value from you.

So trust the process. Be generous.

I promise you, when you wake up tomorrow you will be amazed at the overabundance of new ideas, concepts, and possibilities that will begin to flood into and through you.

Ideas to your business are like air to your body. The air is always there, all around you. Simply take another breath.

4. Document Your Thought Process

How many remarkable ideas have vanished forever because someone didn’t take a few seconds to write them down?

I’ve lost them, you’ve lost them. Let’s change that tragedy from this point forward.

Document ideas! Write down—or record into your smart phone—every idea as it comes to you. Your new “ideas document” will become a list of possibilities, to dos, and things to come in the future.

Congratulations! You now have your new 4-step idea launching process and a fresh way to look at what’s possible in your business.

Yes, it really is that simple.

Remember, you only need ONE good idea to make a massive difference. Most likely you will not recognize it at the time. Often, the ideas you think will most likely work—just won’t, for whatever reason.

But you only have to be right 51% of the time. And that 1% can make all the difference in your income, the value you offer the world, and whether or not you will be in business a year from now.

Proceed with passion!!

Note: If you want more help creating your own ideas, download the worksheet to the right. It will guide you through the idea creation process, and you will come out on the other side with new possibilities for your business.

Question: What methods do YOU use to effectively create ideas?

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  • #4 is probably my biggest downfall. It’s amazing how often I see someone else launching a product or creating a successful business around an idea that crossed my mind months or years earlier.

    Yeah, I definitely need to get better at #4.

    • Since I added an app to my phone that allows me to record a voice memo and email it immediately to Evernote I have lost fewer ideas.

      • I use the little microphone on my iPhone and record to “notes” several times a day. I also have a waterproof pad with pen in my shower that scuba divers use. I truly do not want to miss an idea at any time. :-)

  • I have the opposite problem: Idea avalanche. Would love to hear you discuss that. Sort of the flip side of not enough ideas.

    • Hey, Ron!! Too many ideas is much better than none. However, I would simply sort them out in A, B, & C’s. I would then list the steps necessary to implement each one of those ideas. I would love to hear how you’ve handled the avalanche thus far.

      • For one thing I decided to rid myself of a pretty big project. Relief came upon making the decision. How to rid myself of it yet to be determined. FYI: here is the big deal I decided to let go: http://www.familyhistoryreport.com.

  • You mentioned being generous. Don’t hold back from sharing your ideas with your boss, your peers and others higher up in your organization. Even if they only accept and implement a fraction of them, they will appreciate your willingness to think about their business creatively. Over time, you’ll become known as a problem solver. And that will help differentiate you and position you for advancement. Don’t think of your ideas as a zero-sum game. Your brain is a boundless source of great ideas. So be generous!!

    • YOU are soooo right, Chuck!! You cannot give too much away in the form of ideas. Helping others become better. Helping the company to become better. That is a win/win for everyone. Thanks for sharing!!