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Please Answer the Phone!

Posted by & filed under Personal Growth.

There is always someone just out of your reach. Someone you’re hoping to connect with. Someone you don’t know who won’t return your phone call.

When you do get a foot in the door with that influential person, you can’t waste the opportunity.

If you are someone who is:

  • Struggling financially…
  • Not where you want to be career wise…
  • Wishing you could take your life to the next level…

And if that person who can change your life has your phone number


Then here’s my advice for you:

Be available.

Do not hold people up who are trying to get to you. They may have an idea to discuss or want to offer you something—like a job. They may be willing to help you advance in ways you cannot even imagine.

Missed calls are missed opportunities forever. Opportunities appear and disappear quickly.

Maybe you’ll get another chance. Maybe you won’t.

Carry Your Phone

You cannot answer a phone you’re not carrying!

Young people and new entrepreneurs have the misconceived idea that they need time off. They need to clear their minds. Go for a walk. Unplug. Get away from it all.

The question is—what are they getting away from? What is in their head that they have to clear it? What are they plugged into that they are trying to unplug from? And is it a walk they want or are they running away from something?

I don’t know of ANYONE who has massive success and goes completely unplugged. The Internet has caused globalization at lightning speed 24/7. Business never stops. It is beyond 24/7.

If you’re still in the “wannabe” category…How often is your phone actually ringing and dinging?

Stop Sabotaging Yourself

Availability is part of building your success infrastructure. This is where people miss building the water pipes so they can receive showers of success. They have leaky, broken water pipes.

Don’t let this be you.

Don’t be afraid to say yes. Saying ‘yes’ to you first. Yes to possibilities. Yes to new opportunities. Yes to rings and dings. :-)

Unavailability is part of the minimum wage mentality. If you are content with making minimum wage, that’s fine. You may not even need a phone to carry with you.

I’d hallucinate that’s not the case.

Ask yourself where you want to be in five years. If someone called you on a moment’s notice to give you a life-changing opportunity, think about whether you’d be there to answer the phone.

Most people are their own worst setback when it comes to their personal advancement. They dig the very holes they find themselves in—and they do it without a shovel.

Behind the Scenes with Andy Andrews

For over 34 years I have been available to Andy Andrews 24/7.

Naturally, there are times I may momentarily be off the grid. The main time is while I’m in the shower.

In fact, he once bought me a waterproof case to use while taking a shower so he could reach me if needed. :-)

When he calls, I stop what I am doing and gladly respond to his request. Sometimes it’s simply to listen. Sometimes he has a question and he needs the answer immediately. Regardless, it’s a pleasure to take all those calls and respond promptly. I never want to be the one holding things up.

When you get to a high level—you must learn to be available like this.

Strong Simple Suggestions

I realize sometimes you have vacations, retreats, and times of solitude. Here are some ways you can handle this availability, while still caring for your family and your mind:

  1. Unplug by being selective about whom you respond to. That means unplugging from unimportant things: social media, certain people, etc.
  2. Pace yourself with a variety of activities on a daily basis. This will help eliminate the need to crash or go into isolation.
  3. See the bigger picture. Look beyond where you are right now. Just know that this is a season in life. This intensity will not last forever. Embrace it with all of your being.

Bottom line advice to anyone that is not yet where they want to be financially, career, or status wise…be available. Answer your phone.

Whether it is a phone call or a text or an email. Respond quickly.

Time is of essence when money, career, advancement, and your life is involved.

YOU are able to do more, answer more, and achieve more than you think. But you need to talk faster, move faster, type faster. You need to live every hour with intensity. You need to live each day as if it were your last.

And if I ever call you with an opportunity…please, answer the phone.

(I have a gift for you. This free download will help you decide the best way for you to unplug while still staying available. If you’d like my help, click the image to the right to download it.)

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  • Standing by Robert :)

    I have always prided myself on being available to those who need me in whatever capacity it might be.

    Great advice!

  • Johnny Lee Phillips

    LOVE IT!!!! Robert, I am so excited about this post!!!! I am working on building a networking course/podcast and this really caught my attention. So simple and true. Thanks for sharing!!! Have a wonderful day!!! :-)

  • Shelley Hess

    Love your perspective, Robert!!!

    No matter where we are on the path, it’s always a privilege to be available to others. Just answering the call can say “YOU matter to me!”

    And OHHH! The amazing, incredible opportunities we’ve had because we simply picked up the phone!!! Or the cue, as it were!!! Great points, all!!!

  • Rats,

    Was that YOU calling when I didn’t get there in time? Call me back. I promise to answer. :-)

  • “I am able to do more, answer more, and achieve more than I think. I will live each day with intensity.”

    Thank you Robert, this is tough-love coaching at its best.