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Readers' guide20,000 Days and Counting: Readers’ GuideDownload Readers’ Guide
Faith-based readers' guide20,000 Days and Counting: Faith-based Readers’ GuideDownload Readers’ Guide

Sermon Series: A Matter Of Time

by Jan and Rick Loy

sermonSermon 1: A Matter Of TimeDownload Sermon 1
sermon2Sermon 2: Equal Time, Opportunity, & AccountabilityDownload Sermon 2
sermon3Sermon 3: Making the Most of Time
Download Sermon 3

Sermon Series: Great Expectations

by Dan Francis

sermonSermon 1: Friend of GodDownload Sermon 1
sermon2Sermon 2: The Man Who Sacrificed and Won Download Sermon 2
sermon3Sermon 3: Short-Term Losses and Long-Term GainsDownload Sermon 3
sermonSermon 4: The Path to GreatnessDownload Sermon 4
sermon2Sermon 5: Dreams That Last Download Sermon 5
sermon3Sermon 6: The Man Who Never Missed An OpportunityDownload Sermon 6
sermonSermon 7: The Challenge of ChangeDownload Sermon 7