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The #1 Way You Kill Off Your Best Ideas

Posted by & filed under Personal Growth.

In my last blog we talked about the secret ingredient of getting people to flock to your idea and that is that your idea or product must meet a need.

The second thing you need is a plan.


But no one said it needs to be a finished plan.

Most people kill off great ideas because they try to make them fly in a day or a week. They are paralyzed with fear that their plan isn’t perfect as they move forward.

But a day, a week or a few months is not the realistic life cycle of an idea.

Life is made up of bullet points—processes and procedures. So start with an outline, not an essay. It’s ridiculous to think you need to offer a complete story behind every phase of your idea. Trying to do so is exhausting.

Simply outline and test your ideas and change the plan as needed.

STOP acting like you need the complete story to move ahead. Let your plan stay in outline mode and actually start MOVING!

When you need a new perspective on how to proceed, try being a spectator of your own life.

Step away. Look at yourself from a 30,000-foot view. HOW would you counsel yourself if you were NOT yourself? What would your future successful self tell you?

Self-talk is critical when you’re going through this process in the early moments. You already are talking to yourself all day long. And the results of your self-talk have lead you to:

  • How you look…
  • Where you live…
  • What you drive…
  • Even how much money you make!

These are ALL the results of what you have told yourself in the past. You don’t like what you are today? You can change what you’re telling yourself!

New input equals new output. A computer knows that but do you?

If you have nothing to do to move your idea forward, find something to do. Make it seem important. There are way too many needs out there around you for you to be doing nothing. Or assuming there’s nothing to be done. That’s foolish.

Fighting through the rapids will be uncomfortable. But let me tell you what’s more uncomfortable: Never achieving or completing the world- changing idea you are capable of.

Think about WHY you feel so strongly about creating what you’re creating. Think about the problem you want to solve in the world.

When you find the problem and solve it, people’s lives will be changed—including your own.

Do not be tempted to abandon ship simply because the rapids are rough and you can’t see around the bend.

Keep on moving (with your half-finished plan in hand)!

Assignment: Make a bulleted list of what needs to be done in the week, month, and year ahead. Give me 3 bullet points for each. Do this TODAY!

Now…answer this question in the comments section:

What is the NEXT step you need to take in your idea? 

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  • DanaHilmer

    Thanks Robert for the kick-in-the-butt. Usually when I read posts like this I say “yes, yes…” and it then gets added to my do-list. This time I acted right away and the result is I’ve waded through some of my overwhelm and feel more clear on my actions. Here goes: I am launching an online program called the THRIVE*circle ™, a program designed to ignite personal growth and create lasting change. It’s been in BETA and I’ve received great feedback and it’s time to up my game a bit and now charge a membership fee. The plan: This week – 1) Promote my topic and speaker this month with my first video, 2) Prep for interview next week and 3) Create the journaling questions and exercises that will support the topic this month. For Month: 1) Identify and connect with potential promotional partners for Jan. launch, 2) promote to current subscribers and friends, 3) create webinar for promotion. For year: The goal is to have 750 members by Dec. 31 – 1) Promote consistently and do so with webinars that provide value in Jan, Aug/Sept and Dec. 2) Obtain feedback from current members (via survey, 2x this year), 3) hone the program to provide huge value and make sure I am meeting the desires of my audience.

    • Great work with the assignment, Dana!! You’ve got the right idea, doing it immediately so you don’t forget. Thanks for sharing your outline with the rest of us. It sounds strong!

  • Holly Loftin

    My next step would be to wait for the return phone call. Be patient. And be available. Is that considered doing something??

    • Holly, I’ve been in this situation. I’ll bet we all have. Experience has taught me that if I’m waiting for my chance, I’m wasting my chance. Of course there are times when we’ll benefit by waiting for someone else’s input or involvement…but for how long? We can’t just put ourselves up on a shelf, waiting for someone else to wake up and validate us or our move forward.

      I’m not sure how long you’ve been waiting, but if it feels like too long, IT IS. Get on with your dreams and plans. Go do it without them. FInd another way. The world around you will catch on once they see you in action. Or maybe they won’t – all the more reason to not delay!

  • I wanted an easy win product so I choose to publish a 2015 travel calender with awesome images from asia and travel quotes – the uniquness of this calendar is it comes with the travel dream bucket list planner PDF – so my next thing is to design and create the PDF as picking the images is already done. After the build the landing page and launch, better hurry its November!

    PS this post really scratches me where I itch – so many ideas, dreams, plans but without ACTION nothing is going to happen and the circus is going to leave town.

  • Great stuff, Robert. Self-talk, fear and procrastination may be our most formidable enemies standing between what is and what could be. Thanks for shining a bright light, as always.

  • Perfect timing Robert. I JUST left the Platform Conference. So much learned, it is almost overwhelming. I am makig that bulleted list on the plane ride home. My next step: Write a core value proposition.

    • Finding the core idea is a great first step, Greg. And keep investing in yourself—it will pay off in the future!

  • Dan Erickson

    I’m reading a book called ReWork. They point out that many great businesses started before the ideas were even completely ready. That’s passion And passion shows.