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The 30,000-Foot View of Your Life

Posted by & filed under Personal Growth.

Without a clear plan for the future, your day-to-day strategy will mean nothing.

But you don’t always get an opportunity to see the big picture in the whirlwind of a normal day. Emails, conference calls, deadlines—these things make it hard to zoom out and see things clearly.

You must find a way to see things clearly. Without any vision for the future, your directionless activities are just wasted energy.

Hikers Viewing smallIn the dense jungle of life, you won’t often see much from the ground level—just brush, tree trunks, and colorful animals. That doesn’t help at all.

If you’re trying to figure out your location in the jungle—where you came from, where you are, and where you’re going—you need a better view of your life.

You need to climb higher.

The 30,000-Foot View

No matter where you are in your life at this very moment, I want you to climb to the top of a virtual mountain. The treetops are not high enough for you to see what’s actually going on. Keep climbing.

Climb as high up as you can, and look at your life from that vantage point—a 30,000-foot point of view.

While there, I want you to look forwards and I want you to look backwards. I want you to see where you have come from. The challenges you overcame. The obstacles that you encountered and crushed like a bug.

This is the source of crazy confidence.

The realization of your past accomplishments puts fuel back into your empty tank. It fills you with encouragement, determination, enlightenment, and massive fortitude. And these ingredients are absolutely necessary to step forward.

These are the traits of the top 1% of the top 1%. These ingredients will move you toward the unknown future with excitement and massive motion. The most successful people in the world have mastered the 30,000-foot view—the source of these qualities. They know the secret:

Once you know exactly where you came from, you can direct where you’re headed.

Once you’ve zoomed out and gotten a view of your life from the top of the mountain, you now have this new tool called “experience” to call on when needed. You’ve been there, done that.

Your experience will not always be pleasant. In fact, a lot of learning experiences are not pleasant.

But these magical memories—which were not so magical when you first went through them—will now serve you well to create your new magical moments.

From this virtual vantage point of you, you can look forward and design your life as YOU want.

So what are you waiting for? Get out your pad of paper and pen. Right now. Start designing it the exact way you want it.

Design Your Life from the Top of the Mountain

Nothing is off the board. Nothing is off the table. It is limited only by what you write. It is limited by only want you can think of. This is the ultimate practice in dream building—you are creating your wish list for your entire life.

You are now the architect, the engineer, the chief contractor for your future. It won’t and can’t happen if you don’t write it. So get busy writing. This exercise is not for the weak or faint of heart. You must be strong. You must be in peak state. You must be willing to state your commitment to pursue your deepest, truest passion.

I want you to stand up and look at yourself in the mirror. Are you going to bet against yourself to pull this off? Or are you going to be the person who WILL pull this off?

I want you to succeed. You want yourself to succeed. So for heaven’s sake, do not stop yourself!!

You must not become your own roadblock. Of course there will be speed bumps and potholes along the way—but you’ve got enough experience to know when to slowdown, when to speed up, and when to go around the potholes.

Start Doing It… Even If You Don’t Know How

Start acting like you know what you’re doing. Between you and me, I know you don’t know.

I’ll tell you a secret… I don’t either. However, I do know how to act like I know what I’m doing. I do know how to act like I know where to go next. And more often than not, that’s all I need.

There always has to be a “first time.” Think about the “first times” you’ve already had:

  • The first time you went swimming.
  • The first time you rode a bike—even if it was with training wheels.
  • The first time you cooked something. Scrambled an egg. Baked cookies.
  • The first time you drove a car (I know you remember this one).

There will be a first for everything and anything you want to do the rest of your life. Somehow you got through the scrambled egg, someone ate the cookies you baked, and you successfully drove the car without wrecking it.

Please accept this as the ultimate gift of encouragement to you right now. You have to remember the simple little things that you’ve already done.

This is not the time to stop. It’s the time to start. From a 30,000-foot view of your life, make a list of these little things you’ve already accomplished. Then list 7 things that you would like to do business-wise. Make this list in the next seven minutes.

I assure you—the next step to your future is also based on first times and simple little steps.

The free tool to the right will help you make this crucial list. Use it!

I would love to hear one or several of your ideas…

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  • Robert –
    TODAY was a first for me!! First time podcaster!!

    I can truly say that I’m a living testament to this post. One year ago, I felt called to begin and a year later I’m prepping for a book release and launching a podcast.

    Your continued encouragement has been an ongoing catalyst.

    • WoooHOOO, Matt!!! Congratulations on your new podcast and your up-and-coming book. That is huge. I know all the effort and work that went in behind making this a reality. VERY proud of YOU!!!

  • I wake up every morning and ask myself, What am I going to do today for the very first time? I love the anticipation of the new and unexplored. Nothing scares me more than having a boring, predictable life. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Kathleen Thompson

    Robert, On January 1st of this year I started a blog. On August 19th, I will launch my podcast called “Finding Your Groove”. I have come a long way, and had many “firsts” during these months. What an adventure! And each one makes me stronger and more confident in the long-term success of this venture.
    Thanks so much for the encouragement, and this tool.

    • Kathleen… You are a huge encouragement to all of us. Thank you for taking those little baby steps and moving forward. I know that the blog represents hundreds, if not thousands of little baby steps that you’ve taken. Thank you for doing so.

  • Douglas R Kiba

    Thanks Robert. This makes so much sense. I carry my past accomplishments everywhere and they inspire me and give me that crazy confidence so I can do more.

  • Gerald Brown

    When I clicked on the “print” button it just reloaded this post.

    On the post “How to find crazy Confidence” when I clicked the “Print” button there it brought up another screen where I could select: 1. Print with comments, 2. Print with pictures and 3. Change the size of the font.

    Why did it not do that for this post?


    • Gerald… So sorry for this terrible inconvenience. I hate when stuff like this happens. Our IT guys were on it immediately and it took several days to figure it out. I hope it is solved now. Refresh your page and hopefully it will work. If not let me know. My email is somewhere on this site.

  • Mary Biz

    Thanks for this post. Last week I woke up to a “first” that I’d been daydreaming about for several years. I took my first “flight” instruction. This might not be a big deal to some but for this retired lady, it was huge. I liked it so much that I’ve committed to log more hours flying and possibly getting my pilot’s license. The great feeling we get from our accomplishments is nothing to sneeze at!

    • WooooooHOOOO, Mary!!! That is a huge accomplishment in anybody’s book. Congratulations to you and all of those that you will get to take for great aerial views of your area. You must get your pilots license. Very proud of you for making this major move.

  • The Lord realized this when He had the Israelites set up stone monuments in the dessert. It is easy to forget what He has done for us. When we remember, our faith is strengthened and He gets more of the glory He deserves. Thanks for another great post sir!

    • Hey, Shawn!!! A great reminder by you with a great principle that is timeless. Thank you for sharing.

    • Kathleen Thompson

      It sure is easy to forget, Shawn.

  • Dan Erickson

    Looking back is essential to moving forward. It’s what started me writing books.