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The One Thing You Must NEVER Do—Ever!

Posted by & filed under Personal Growth.

This ONE activity could legitimately stop everything you do businesswise, personally, and socially.

It could make all your efforts to this point obsolete. Worthless.


It is a mindset that can completely deflate everything you’ve done.

It is a thought process with a dead-end.

It is a stop sign that will negate everything you’ve done up to this moment.

It’s called quitting.  Simply quitting.



quit·ter noun  \ˈkwi-tər\
noun: quitter; plural noun: quitters
1. a person who gives up easily or does not have the courage or determination to finish a task.


If you stop—all else stops. Momentum ceases to exist. It will literally kill any and all activity present and past. It will make what you’ve done worthless.

It’s failing. It’s getting an incomplete or an “F” on a paper. No one ever wants to be known as a quitter. But we do it every day in some form or fashion. We quit on ourselves. We quit on our dreams.

I told Andy Andrews three things when I agreed to work with him 35 years ago (December 1980):

  1. I would always be honest 
  2. I would work hard and never quit 
  3. I would seek council and listen to suggestions.

That was our total agreement. To this day there is no formal legal agreement between us. It was done with a firm handshake and looking at each other directly the eyes and seeing and communicating with each others’ souls.

I distinctly remember the moment and the commitment. He does too.

Let’s Talk About Now.

If your option is to continue or go back…continue. For heaven’s sake, CONTINUE. I know all the dumb reasons you just came up with for why you shouldn’t. I’ve heard and felt them all before.

But answer this question…what is important now? I mean absolutely right nowwhat is the most important thing you should be doing?

I am talking about your life. If you don’t master what’s happening now, you will never master the future—and your destiny will be unsure.

Now is critical. Now is the one thing we know for certain that we have.  Now is the only time we are 100% guaranteed.

The uncertain part is, we don’t know for how long.

So Finish.

Here’s your first step to becoming a finisher: Finish reading this blog post.

Now the bigger question is: What’s next for you? At any point in time, you need to be able to answer these two questions with pinpoint precision:

  1. What’s important now?
  2. What’s next?

When you learn to quickly discover the answer to these two crucial questions in your life, you’ll feel like you’re riding a never-ending roller coaster of excitement.

You’ll experience plenty of ups and downs. You’ll encounter some sharp turns. Sometimes you’ll soar at intense speed and sometimes you’ll slow down. And every so often, you’ll cross over a peak that will make you feel like you’re losing your stomach. These feelings are called “life.”

A Message to All Those Who Want to Quit:

I know you are incredibly tired of starting over again and again.

Do you want to delete that feeling forever? Do you want to do away with the misery and frustration you experience when you start over?

Then STOP giving up.  Stop quitting.  

You would not tolerate this activity in your child. Stop acting like a child and grow up. Period.  End of discussion.

Almost. :-)

If you are thinking about quitting—think about why you started in the first place. If you are thinking about it everyday and know this is something you should do, then it has just now become a MUST and you MUST do it.

Don’t worry about what it will take to get it ALL done; just give it all you have.  Go full out.  Take this moment to the next level. Never back down.

Next time you think about quitting—think of all those people…your friends, your co-workers, and your family who are watching you.  They want to be inspired by you. Don’t let them down. You will never let them down if you never let yourself down.

Pick yourself back up, and dust yourself off. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile knowing that one day, you will become the winner that you desire and know you must be.

Giving up will always be an option to many. But never ever let it be YOUR choice.

THAT is your greatest power. Choosing to quit or not to quit. The decision comes from deep within your gut. Don’t take this lightly.

Remember, I am talking about your life. How you live it. How you feel about it. And whether you will end it well. I desperately want you to be proud of yourself.

It’s time for you to accept the challenge.

I am tired of whiners whining.
I am tired of people making excuses and putting things off.
Of grownups acting like little crybabies.

It gets my goat when people constantly complain about things.
When they stop dreaming.
When they flat line their life. 

Stop believing you can’t.
Stop worrying if you can do something.
Stop waiting until you’re skinnier or older or richer or better or braver. 

NOW is the time to say a prayer, hold on tight, and suck it up.
NOW is the time to make a difference.
NOW is the time to change the world you live in.
NOW is the time to really be proud of yourself.

Share with me an example of when you almost quit—and you are so grateful that you did not. Tell me about a decision you just made to move forward.

Thanks for taking the time to share and inspire others…

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  • This could be your manifesto. It’s your life’s message! :)

  • Great post. Tweeted it. Thanks.

  • Jim

    I was in a local health food store getting something to start a batch of sauerkraut. When they learned what I was doing, they invited me to come back and teach a class about it. I felt a little scared, but am glad I didn’t quit before I started. Things just keep getting better every time I tell my story, even if it is to an audience of one!!

  • Robert, this post is fuel for my Spirit!
    I quit a job (my first job) in 1979; BAD decision as a young guy. That one decision had a domino effect on many other things which I won’t get into here.
    I was always athletic and was not accustomed to quitting, but I did.
    It was to NEVER happen again. The emotional turmoil it produced over a period of times was unbearable.
    Fast forward until NOW.
    Last week, the position which I held for the employer for which I worked was eliminated.

    Translated, unemployed. I don’t like that term.
    I decided to look at it from the angle of seeking new employment, not to mention what I really am pursuing (write full time). My temporary, new FT job is finding a full time job.
    I recently re-watched Rocky Balboa, the last of the Rocky movies. I love the line in there where he is talking to his son (who does not want him to proceed with one last fight as an OLDER guy) :
    For those who have not seen the movie, and you are dealing with quitting, rent it.
    As another dialogue takes place in the movie, Rocky’s friend elevates him to an old truth and a new reality of it as she tries to silence doubt:
    IF you are thinking of quitting, DON’T! Throw a few punches and watch the magic which happens.
    The core message of your post is RIGHT ON! Thanks for the encouragement it brings!

    • Thanks for sharing, Bruce!! So sorry to hear about the job. But I’m very proud of you for getting up and dusting yourself off. Keep on working, learning, and growing…and then one day you’ll look back and be amazed at your life. :-)

  • Steven Tessler

    I was going to quit writing the story of my life since I used the free writing method. So I decided to continue on and use it as a blog.

    So now I edit it as I post my blog! It’s getting exposure and being edited at the same time.

    Your post are so inspiring and keep me going! Thank you!!

  • AWrightDISQ

    Thanks my friend!! Great post.

  • Terry Gassett

    Thank you for this great post, Robert! I love your very tweet-worthy line – “Giving up will always be an option to many, but never ever let it be YOUR choice.”

    • Thank YOU, Terry. I’m glad you resonated with that. It truly is a choice we can either make or refuse to make.

  • Holly Loftin

    You could talk people off ledges, you know?? You’re an amazing soul. Thank you for the call to life. I’m glad I never gave up on being a stay-home mom and got a “real job”. Those years with my children are priceless and I will NEVER regret them!

    • LOL, well, I hope I never have to! Thanks so much, Holly. Mom has to be WAY up there on the list of most important jobs, if not at the very top!

  • Dan Erickson

    You can’t quit your life. What I do is who I am. So, until I die I cannot quit.

  • Helen Kurtin

    Just what I needed to hear this morning!! Thank you Robert!

  • Totally you! I will send this to anyone in danger of quitting too soon.