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Things Worth Believing In

Posted by & filed under Personal Growth.

Man_On_DockYou have to believe in something. Whether you think so or not, you already believe in a lot of things—some great; some not so good. But it is fun to share these beliefs with others and to remind yourself of some of the cool things about YOU. Here are some things I believe in that make me happy…


I believe in eating dessert first.

I believe in laughing hard every day.

I believe in praising people daily for doing a great job.

I believe in being happy all day long.

I believe in great meals well presented.

I believe in amazing trips with amazing people.

I believe in publishing a great book.

I believe in ocean views.

I believe in swimming.

I believe in a great big real fire in a fireplace during the winter.

I believe in 007 and James Bond movies.

I believe in juicing.

I believe in lots of fiber.

I believe in family.

I believe in nieces and nephews.

I believe in honoring and loving my parents.

I believe in clean cars and well-organized homes.

I believe in walk-in closets.

I believe in comfortable shoes.

I believe in cheesecake.

I believe in clean, cool drinking water.

I believe in homemade cookies.

I believe in dimmable lights.

I believe in steam showers and spas.

I believe in candy canes and candy bars.

I believe in Christmas trees and holidays.

I believe in wrapping gifts.

I believe in gift cards.

I believe in surprise parties.

I believe in fully charged batteries.

I believe in systematizing everything I can.

I believe in fresh breath.

I believe in styled haircuts and makeovers, when needed.

I believe in a great salad.

I believe cash is king.

I believe in paying bills ahead of time.

I believe in bread and butter.

I believe in shined shoes.

I believe in organic foods and fresh fruits.

I believe in dark roasted marshmallows.

I believe in live houseplants and cacti.

I believe in black pepper.

I believe in aromatherapy candles.

I believe in homemade vanilla ice cream.

I believe in shaved Parmesan cheese.

I believe in full moons.

I believe in ice that is easy to chew.

I believe in white noise, spa music, and Enya.

I believe in technology.

I believe in the human spirit.

I believe in young people.

I believe in tithing.

I believe in large tips—the quickest way to give money to people who need it.

I believe in Mayberry, Lake Woebegone, Mary Tyler Moore, Dick Van Dyke, and Duck Dynasty.

I believe in loving God with all my heart.


These are some of my favorite things. What about you? What do YOU believe in? Leave me a comment and let me know…

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  • confessionsofamaterialgirl.com

    I believe in eating dessert first (like you) in case the Rapture comes! I believe there is no hope without God. I believe in a good highlight every two months (I am so much happier as a blonde!), and I believe that strong marriages are the foundation of strong communities, churches, families and culture.

    • LOL…I’ll have to remember to use the Rapture as a reason next time I’m trying to convince someone. :-)

  • Tami Fenton

    I believe in looking on the bright side – always! I believe in puppy breath. I believe in belly laughs. I believe in looking deep into my husbands eyes and thanking God for him right out loud. I believe in sharing encouragement as often and as wholeheartedly as possible.

    • Agreed, Tami. There absolutely is power in positive thinking, always looking for the bright side, the new perspective. Thanks for sharing!

  • Lisa Stone

    I believe God is the Highest power
    I believe in the power of praying
    I believe in you
    I believe in prayer warriors
    I believe in a cool breeze
    i believe in you
    I believe in the noise of wind blowing through trees
    I believe in walking barefoot on any beach
    I believe in the giggles of small children
    I believe in you
    I believe the view is beautiful from the top of that mountain that seems impossible to climb
    I believe a bowl of ice cream is an all weather dessert
    I believe swimming holes are where joy can be found
    I believe in you
    I believe hearing my kids laugh is better then any medicine prescribed
    I believe in vitamins
    I believe in eating the foods God created
    I believe in love
    I believe in you

    • I most certainly believe in you too, Lisa. Thank-YOU for this list.

  • Great post, Bob.

  • Ashlie

    I believe in loving my family and friends in the way they need and deserve to be loved regardless of how I feel or whether I want to. I believe everyone comes to a point in life where they “draw a line in the sand”, and that line speaks volumes about their character and what they believe in. I believe in living a life worth remembering. I believing in forgiving others and forgiving myself. And above all I believe in joy and laughter – life just plain sucks without it :)

  • Tom

    I believe in second chances. I believe a sunrise is more meaningful than a sunset. I believe in loyalty. I believe that Gods blessings are more abundant that we will ever come to know in this lifetime. I believe that this world would be much much better off if we loved each other the way our dogs and cats love us. I believe there are no better combinations that peanut butter and jelly and ice cold milk. I believe in the smile and touch from my wife.

  • I believe in Jesus Christ as God’s only begotten son, who died for my sins wh ich are many and then rose again and is alive forever. I believe in Heaven and Hell and Eternity. I beleive everyone will spend eternity in either Heaven or Hell, and Jesus made the way for us to have eternity in Heaven with God. I believe this is the most important thing to beleive and accept for myself.

    • Faith is a beautiful thing, Donna. :-)

    • Shelley Hess

      AMEN, Donna! And THANK YOU!!!

  • Liz Cowen Furman

    Reminds me of that great old Don Williams song…

  • Patti

    I believe God had a great time knitting you together in your mother’s womb!

  • Abbot Pfukwa

    I believe in Jesus, I believe in sponsoring the gospel of Jesus Christ big time, I belive in Vision, I believe in prosperity. I believe in Me

  • I believe in the University of Florida Football Team (GO GATORS!!)
    I believe in plan M&Ms, original Oreo Cookies and Levi Jeans
    I believe in long walks and slow kisses
    I believe the ability to forgive is truly a super power, better than flying or becoming invisible
    I believe a little powder and paint makes ya what ya ain’t
    I believe a meal with friends and family around my dining room table is the best night out
    I not only believe in God, but I believe Him; what He says about me and his infinite love

  • Mom Bert

    I believe you have a great list!

    I believe we are supposed to leave a love & serving others #2.

    #1 is to love God & let him guide our lives.

    Late learning this, but we have a patient God Father!!

  • I believe in running because I want to, not because I have to.

  • I believe in living life to the fullest extent possible.
    I believe that I’m married to the best husband in the world.
    I believe that listening to The Beatles for 30 minutes beats spending all afternoon at a spa.
    I believe that traveling overseas opens your world farther than you can imagine.
    I believe that I am the daughter of a King who is not changed by the world but who has changed my world forever.

  • Kurt Beasley

    Robert I believe you are 007!

  • I believe in God
    I believe in Family
    I believe in the U.S. Constitution
    Oh, and…
    I believe in Strawberry Cheesecake before dinner.

    • We might just have to change that to before AND after dinner if we’re talking about cheesecake, Roger!

  • tinamolliefisher

    I believe in love.
    I believe in love trains.
    I believe that nothing is impossible with God
    I believe in snuggling
    I believe in forgiveness, for myself and others
    I believe that hard work eventually pays off
    I believe in being kind to my neighbors and people I meet daily
    I believe in bubble baths
    I believe in loud music
    I believe that we are put on this earth for a purpose
    I believe in storytime
    I believe in naps
    I believe in naps in hammocks and sandy beaches
    I believe we live lives less than God intended for us live
    I believe in laughing…a lot..even at ourselves when necessary
    I believe in sitting at the dinner table as a family
    I believe in ‘no TV’s in the bedroom’
    I believe in encouraging others to go for their goals
    I believe in the power of prayer
    I believe in the importance of quality friendships
    I believe in making wishes on stars
    I believe in swinging as high as you can
    I believe in the beauty of a home cooked meal
    I believe that reading IS FUNdamental
    I believe in United we Stand.
    I believe in Unity.
    I believe in perseverance
    I believe in grace
    I believe in grace
    I believe in grace

    • Fantastic list, Tina. I feel honored to be able to read all of these that people are posting. Thanks soooo much for sharing!

  • I believe in the power of words…to heal, inspire, edify, bless and encourage. I believe in love. I believe in fresh starts, and new beginnings. I believe in family…in saying “I love you” often and in as many ways as possible. I believe in grace and forgiveness and the power of God’s word to change me. I believe in JOY, and HOPE, and endeavor to live in that place of buoyant expectancy no matter what. I believe that the music in my soul is a gift that must be shared. These are just a few….

    • Thank-YOU for being a JOYful person, Marilee! We need more like you. :-)

  • Patrick

    I believe in making my wife deliriously happy.
    I believe in cheering my sons on in whatever they do.

    I believe that Jesus saved my soul to secure my eternity and gives me the power to make my today better.
    I believe that I get to choose how today goes, no matter what the other drivers do.
    I believe that I should be grateful to God and my employer for the work that I get to do.
    I believe it’s time for a cup of decaf with my wife.

    • Looooove this, Patrick: I believe that I get to choose how today goes, no matter what the other drivers do.

      Thank-YOU for sharing!

  • Murali

    I believe in putting family first.
    I believe in the love of my wife and children.

    I believe in doing the best one can.
    I believe in being happy under any circumstances and being grateful for life.
    I believe in being honest and decent and in not making an extra penny by cheating others.
    I believe in ` human rights` as long as they do not infringe on the ` human rights ` of others…i.e Your right to swing your fists about stops exactly where my face starts.
    I believe in ` live and let live` , forgiveness, giving everyone a second chance and that ` There but for the grace of God go I ` ( I am an Agnostic Atheist myself)
    I believe in a life before death, being decent to others during life, and do not care a monkeys about whether I will be spending eternity in a super hot steam room with interesting people or whether I will be sitting idly on a cloud strumming my harp for ever and ever after my alloted time is up and the umpire blows the whistle :>)

    • Thank-YOU for the list, Murali! We should all remind ourselves of the importance of love, family, and gratitude on a daily basis.

  • AHHHH I LOVE your list! You took all the good ones! ;-) The only thing I would add is the smell after rain and curling up with a good long read. Otherwise, I’ll just copy yours (maybe with a few slight tweaks … maybe). Love your heart, passion, focus, and enthusiasm … I’ve even contemplating putting you on my list.

  • Jimbo Head

    Robt. “D”, a close personal friend of mine after examining my list suggested I take where I had placed God on my list, and move HIM to the top of my list…. as the priority of my beliefs.

    Wow, why didn’t I think of that?? After all, I should know better!

    God actually desires the “first” position. Matter of fact… if HE is not # 1 on our list, he is not even on the list. The order is important.

    Good day my friend!

  • Shelley Hess

    HEY ROBERT!!! What an awesome list! Leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy all over!! I think that means “GREAT”!!!



    I believe in YOU!!!

    And that said….

    I believe in Jesus, Savior AND Lord!

    I believe in my husband, 1,000%!

    I believe in each of my sons 1,000%!

    I believe in making a positive difference in EVERY person’s life, no matter how brief the encounter. Sometimes it’s only time enough to share an awesome from-the-heart SMILE!

    I believe in serving others, for the PURE JOY of it!

    I believe in making the MOST of what God has given me! That means EVERY resource; time, money, relationships, opportunities….

    I believe in reading!

    I believe in learning from everything in life!

    I believe in awesome life-inspiring sunrises!

    I believe in amazing sunsets!

    I believe in making life simple!

    I believe in fresh, cold milk straight from the critter, with home made cookies!

    I believe in fresh free range eggs, from the hen to the frying pan!

    I believe in creating in the kitchen!

    I believe in bringing home total strangers, and making them feel “at home”!

    I believe in Gospel For Asia!

    I believe in diversity!

    I believe in change!

    I believe in beautiful music…. all kinds!

    ….this has been great FUN! THANKS ROBERT!!!

  • I believe in willfully choosing to love people…all of them…and figuring out why as you go.

  • Shannon Adams

    I believe in joy unspeakable and full of glory. I believe in heaven being the place where we will experience God as infinitely beautiful, wise, loving and just. I believe our capacity for joy can’t be fully experienced until we experience God in heaven. I believe it will be more than worth the wait, regardless of how much we suffer here. I believe that even though we will have glorified bodies in heaven, they will still be finite. However, since God is infinite in his perfections, I believe our joy in heaven will forever increase as we discover greater levels of intimacy with God. As great as life can be on earth , I believe it’s a very, very faint echo of what’s coming in heaven. I believe our love for God should make our love for everything and everyone else look small, although everything and everyone else are beautiful beams of light coming from the Son, who created all things and all people for his glory. I believe he alone is worthy of all glory and honor and praise forever, amen.

  • Robert, I am “new” to “you”. Really enjoyed your enthusiasm as portrayed on the recent Platform University interview. You touched me at a deep level, especially regarding some thoughts on personal generosity and extending that to family, my home, others. I decided to check out your blog (under favorite posts); anyone that believes in God and Mayberry, Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore has to be OK! II look forward to reading more and I plan to get 20,000 Days this evening (trying out new Kindle). Now is my time….watching the promo was the best kick in the pants I could get today!

  • Jim Sumsion

    I believe that today will be a little better than yesterday, but not quite as good as tomorrow will be!
    I believe you were probably not expecting another post on this today, but that it deserves to be reignited!
    I believe God knows me better than I know myself, and that He wants me to become more than I think is possible!
    I believe that I smile every time I hear your voice reading 20,000 Days and Counting – Thank you!

  • Debbie S.

    I believe in Jesus, forgiveness and a grateful heart. I also believe my husband when he tells me he loves me.

  • Rene’ Vidal

    I love this and will complete this exercise today. Thanks Robert for sharing!