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Wherever You Are, There You Are

Posted by & filed under Personal Growth.

I talk to people all the time who are dissatisfied with where they are in life.

They’re not talking about their career path, salary, or level of fulfillment—they’re talking about their physical location, the place where they live.


Its too cold.

Its too hot.

Real estate is too expensive.

Theres nothing interesting going on here.

I cant meet anyone.

It just doesnt feel like home.

If you find yourself saying any of those things, listen:

You think you are dissatisfied with life because of where you are.

You are wrong—you are dissatisfied with life because of who you are.

You are your most immediate environment. Not your surroundings.

Newsflash: The grass may very well be greener on the other side. You, however, will remain the same.

The people may be different. The place may be different. The weather may be different. At your core, you will still be you.

It is up to you to ask yourself whether that will be a good thing or a bad thing.

The Counterintuitive Secret to Changing Your Environment

We’ve already established that the one constant no matter where you go is yourself. So it’s easy to see that you must change yourself first if you truly want to change your environment.

But here’s the counterintuitive part: To change yourself, you must start by doing one thing before all others…stop thinking about yourself.

The secret to changing yourself starts with thinking about how you can serve those around you.

What needs can you meet for them?

What small task can you fulfill on a daily basis to positively impact their lives?

What seems to be missing?

The answers to those questions will be many. Make a list. Nothing is too little or too big to include. It might look like this:

  • Smile. Be an example of positivity.
  • Clean something that needs cleaning. It doesn’t have to belong to me.
  • Offer my coworker whose car is in the shop a ride to work.
  • Find a way to help make the park down the road a safer place for kids to play.
  • Adopt a dog that needs a home.

When you start consistently adding to this list and then acting on the items one at a time, you will begin to notice a pattern.

The thought of certain activities will excite you. Acting on them will energize you. The thought of them will get you out of bed early and keep you up late at night.

These are the things that will help you discover your passion. Once you discover that—slowly but surely, you will begin to change. And so will your environment.

Where to Go from Here

If you find yourself in this dilemma, do something about it.

It is within your control. It is simply a decision that must be acted on. Never ever take a hopeless position. Always own the situation.

Do not put this off. You are reading this now for a reason. Act like it matters. It does.

There is nothing more critical to you than living the life you are supposed to live.

Confusion sets in when you are uncertain. But I do not believe you are uncertain. Somewhere inside, you really do know what you’re supposed to do.

It is up to you to unlock that meaning. No one else can do it for you. No other town or city can either.

If you want to change your environment, look at the people around you. There is something you can do for each of them. It may be small. It may be doing nothing at all.

Do it today and again tomorrow.

This is how you will change.

What are you going to do for someone else this week to set this change into motion?

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  • This is great wisdom. I am most encouraged and encouraging when I focus ‘more’ on the people I work with than the work itself.

  • Terri

    Perfect timing for this post! Having a rough time of it and daydreaming of moving across the country. Which would not solve one of my challenges probably the exact opposite I appreciate your posts so very much! Ok so will give my children compliments and bite my tongue about how well they did their chores when I get home from work.

    • Hey, Terri!! I must say that I smiled at your reply. Sometimes that’s all you can do is smile. For some reason I think you have a great sense of humor. Just know that I and many others are thinking of you right now. We all know that you will pull this off with flying colors.

  • The blame game is one that nobody wins. It’s the life that embraces thoughtful and intentional action that will make a difference. For themselves and others.

  • Bill Collins

    Great wisdom! If we would only look around us; at work, school, church, community we can find lots of people to serve. As you noted, we have to take the focus off ourselves or we’ll never see them.

  • Thanks Robert. Great post. When our focus becomes others, we begin to see our purpose, when we see our purpose, we experience the joy of living, then our life becomes more than where we live.

  • Thank-YOU all for your great comments. It really is about others. Always. Let us all continue to remember that we are in the people business. And you guys are all doing a great job!

  • I am going to search through my contact list for someone who I haven’t heard from in a while and contact him/her. Why wait for others to reach out to you….reach out to them!

    • Love this, Kevin!!! Give us all an update on what happens. :-)

      • After going through my contact list, I called my friend who lives in Memphis and he filled me in on a major financial breakthrough that he recently experienced. It was encouraging to hear and I was able to rejoice with my friend.

        • Congratulations, Kevin! Very proud of you moving forward and taking massive action. Do something like this that’s unexpected at least for five minutes every day – and you’ll be shocked where you will be after a month. You will not be the same person…

  • Elmor Etones

    When I read this blog, something trigger my desire of doing what is written here.
    I remember the song of Matthew West entitled “Do something”, and I think this is really the key
    on changing my environment, myself and most of all, to serve other. :) Thank you Sir [Robert]D for this wonderful blog, it boast my enthusiasm today.
    God bless you always!

    • Hey, Elmore!!! I am so excited for you after reading your comment. Very excited about what you are about to do. I have a feeling there are a lot of “do somethings” for you right now. :-)

      • Elmor Etones

        Hello Sir [Robert]D this is the second time you miss-spell my name.. LOL, but it’s ok, anyway thank you for your excitement, I’m excited too.. :)
        God bless you sir. :)

  • Angela Howell

    Fabulous post! We all win in service I others. I have built myphotography business through philanthropy! HUGE TIP for biz owners: participate in as many charitable silent auction fund raisers as you can. Offer the first step in doing business with you. For me that’s a location shoot and one print, or $100 gift certificate. They bid and give the money to the charity. Your new client gets a deal. YOU get a new client who, if you do your job well, will lead to additional business. I love it- it’s a triple win!! Angela Howell http://www.shuttercreekphotography.com

    • A brilliant idea, Angela! Thank you so much for sharing a major tip that really does work. We all wish you much success with your photography business…

  • Hi Robert!
    Changes in your life and in your environment is good as long as it’s a change
    for the better. If changing who you are is a way to change your environment,
    so be it. Stop being self centered/selfish person and be observant on your

  • Debbie S.

    My motto is, “Keep spreading sunshine!”