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Your Way Out of the Mist

Posted by & filed under Personal Growth.

Transcript of Video Below:

There’s a mist covering you. It keeps you from seeing how far you’ve come. It saps your courage and keeps you from progressing. And most of the time, you don’t even notice it’s there.  

It’s called disbelief. 

I’m talking about disbelief in your abilities, your purpose, and your potential. The mist of disbelief keeps you from seeing what’s right in front of you. It causes you to live life with the emergency brake engaged. Misty Mountain v2

You MUST have childlike faith in order to push past your most formidable obstacles.

The problem is, “childlike faith” is all but extinct today. 

Where did it all go? Well, as we grew up, it seemed to disappear like a vapor in the wind. Ever so slowly did we stop believing. 

I saw a headline in the New York Times many years ago called “Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus.” The article was written to a little girl who wanted to know if Santa Claus really existed. The editor responded back, telling her that her childlike faith was the support beam for a desperate world. He was truly right.

 But these days, childlike faith has been smothered. Smashed out. Punched in the catfish. Instead, disbelief and skepticism are running rampant.

If you suffer from disbelief, your situation probably looks like this:

  • You constantly forget how far you’ve come
  • You wait around and do nothing, paralyzed by your fear of potential failure.
  • You find it incredibly hard to remind yourself of your blessings.

If you identify with these things, then you have hit a dangerously low level. 

This is officially an emergency situation.

And in emergency situations, you must take emergency steps quickly.

You have to find a way to break through the barrier of disbelief. And I’m going to give you my method.

Do these three things immediately to start believing again:

1. Remember your past. Make a list of those things that you overcame. I list out the challenge and the outcome. This is one of time that you want to think back and remember all the great things in your life. There were many times when you were faced with insurmountable problems. And yet, through them all, you found the way out. Somehow, a way was made for you to get through that trial and tribulation.

2. Take inventory of your present situation. Make another list of the challenges you are experiencing right now. Now begin thinking about them, in light of your past victories. You will not let these overcome you. You didn’t before, and you won’t now. You’ve proven to yourself that you can overcome obstacles. Now you have new obstacles, and you will overcome them too. 

3. Speak your future into existence. Repeat these three things over and over again: “I believe my life has divine direction. I believe that I’ll always end up on the right path. I believe that God will create a road where none exist.” Repeat these to yourself 30 times a day, and open your eyes to the possibilities.

Doing these three things will set your heart on fire. You will feel your confidence returning as quickly as it had left. And, most importantly, you will begin to believe again. 

Do them tonight. Do them before you go to bed. No more waiting around. This is too important.

Fight your way out of the mist by reminding yourself of this truth. Just do it!! 

I have three free gifts for you today.

Click the image to the right to download:

  • The Your Way Out of the Mist interactive worksheet
  • The Your Way Out of the Mist pdf transcript
  • The Your Way Out of the Mist audio version

Question: What things must you tell yourself over and over again to believe?



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  • Robert –

    Very interesting. My devotional last week was on childlike faith after my 4-year old, Matthew, said a prayer for a deaf friend of ours.

    I share this because our thoughts are kindred:

    “Over and over, Jesus tells us to approach Him with child-like trust. He knows that is the type of humility needed to remove our hardened facade. He knows that, only then, will we begin to see.

    At heart, we are all little children. But, in some ways, the years and the experiences have stripped us of our true self.

    Let us return to our childlike faith, answering the call of the Christ.

    Yes, Jesus loves the little children.”

    Blessings, friend!

    • Matt, I know you are reminded by Matthew to redevelop, reignite, and reinforce yourself daily to cultivate your child-like faith. Tell Matthew I thank him!! :-)

  • Well done Robert, I hate it when I get punched in the catfish.

    One of my mottos is that “our circumstances tell us a lie.” We have to learn to see beyond the bigger vision God has called us too. Several weeks ago I was preaching on the prayers of Paul from Ephesians. Paul wrote Ephesians while he was in prison. He asked the church to pray for him. Not that he would be released but that he could preach boldly. – Somehow Paul could see beyond his circumstances to a greater purpose.

    • Paul was truly one of our great founding fathers of being a visionary. A great person for us all to learn from. Thanks for the reminder, Jon!! (Please note the spelling is correct this time. LOL)

      • Thanks Robert for being attentive to the spelling but trust me it is no big deal.

  • Sooooooo true. Thank you.

  • Robert, I recognized the paraphrased prayer that you shared in “20,000
    Days and Counting” right away! That little prayer has faithfully guided
    me out of many dark and dreary places over the last few months. As
    always, thanks for all you do!!

    • Isn’t that a great little prayer, Jim? I love it and find myself using it automatically daily. And I have since 1975. So I guess it works… :-)

  • John

    One thing I sometimes have to frequently remind myself of is that I do have the competence to do my job well.

  • Thanks again for consistently adding value. You and Micheal Hyatt’s insight on leadership and branding have changed my life forever. Continue doing what you are doing.

    And to your comment: I must tell myself I am a genius over and over again. That allows me to create, lead, and manifest opportunities which I wouldn’t believe I could do…If I didn’t have the confidence.