Build The Water Pipes of Your Success

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Water Faucet

When I was just starting out as Andy Andrews’ manager, my main goal wasn’t to get Andy famous. It wasn’t to make Andy successful. It wasn’t even to get a book published. My main goal was to knock on enough doors. To make enough phone calls. To get enough no’s, looking for that one yes [...]

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Rain Puddles and Boardrooms

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Rain Puddle

Recently I went to a restaurant with some friends. After eating, we came out to meet a monsoon. When we arrived there was no rain—but when we came out, it was pouring. The people coming out of the restaurant were shocked. They were complaining, being overly dramatic, and running around in panic. I, on the other [...]

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Stop Refusing a Better Life

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Man in Box

Very few people accomplish what they desire to. There’s a simple reason for this: most people handicap themselves without realizing it. Most people look life’s opportunities right in the eyes, and say “NO.” Here are some things you might be saying “NO” to: More income A better lifestyle Advancement at your job A more refreshed, [...]

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The Fast Track to Figuring Out Your Next Step

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Runner Track

Most people who begin a new adventure have the same problem—they don’t know what they don’t know. That issue alone stops them in their tracks. The hardest part about starting your new task, project, or business—is finding a way to know what you don’t know. It’s figuring out why your current approach isn’t working. It’s [...]

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Success Wasn’t Built in a Day

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Forget about being an “overnight success.” Get that idea out of your mind, right now. Companies don’t start today and make millions tomorrow—usually. Books are not released today and hit New York Times tomorrow without massive marketing. Success is built around blood, sweat, and tears. The REAL Price of Success The end result is what [...]

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