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Most people measure their lives in years.

But how would our thought process change if we measured our lives in

On the 20,000th day of his life, Robert D. Smith decided to put this concept to the test. He spent the next 48 hours planning his next 20,000 days — and walked away with life — changing information.
Through a combination of captivating storytelling and step-by-step instructions, Smith reveals a simple plan that will allow you to master your life, starting right now.

Hear for Yourself!

Listen to the First 3 Sections Below!

(Written & Read by Andy Andrews)

Author's Note:
From Robert D Smith

Chapter 1:
The 20,000 Day Mind Set

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See What Others Are Saying About 20,000 Days and Counting...

Dave Ramsey

“I never trust anyone who claims to have all the right answers. But someone who can help me figure out the right questions? That guy is gold. And that’s what Robert D. Smith delivers in 20,000 Days and Counting.

— Dave Ramsey
Michael Hyatt

“It’s no accident that this little book found its way into your hands. Don’t underestimate it. It will change forever how you think about your life. Read it. Absorb it. Live it!”

— Michael Hyatt
Jon Acuff

“Inside these pages is a crash course in making the most of this adventure called ‘life.’ It's simple, powerful, and perfectly reflects my neighbor in Nashville who always has a fresh way to look at any challenge I’m facing.”

— Jon Acuff

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What People Are Saying About 20,000 Days and Counting

“Everything you need to know in order to create a basis for where you want to be is here in this book.”
Andy Andrews | New York Times best-selling author of How Do You Kill 11 Million People?, The Noticer, & The Traveler's Gift
“Few people can hug your neck and kick you in the behind at the same time; Robert D. Smith is one! If you want the truth and nothing but the truth about making your life count, you want…no, you need this book now! This man gets it, and shares it powerfully with your best interests at heart. Things are about to change for the better in your life!”
Rick Loy | Sales VP, AdvoCare International
20,000 Days and Counting captures the wisdom of the ages regarding how to live life on purpose.”
Mark Miller | Vice President of Training and Development, Chick-fil-A
20,000 Days and Counting is as genuine as they come. Before writing the material, Robert D. Smith lived it.”
Joseph G. Lake | Co-Founder, Children’s Miracle Network Hospital
“After reading 20,000 Days and Counting, you’ll get more out of your next 24 hours than you did out of your previous month.”
Duane Ward | Founder/CEO Premiere International, LLC, Franklin, TN
“Whether you are looking for time management, life fulfillment, or simply the inspiration to BE more, Robert will push you to the limit and maximize your life.”
Zachary Smith | VP, Hosting Services, INTERNAP
“You’ll never have a “typical” day again once you’ve experienced this book.”
Bob McEwen | Former U.S. Congressman, Speaker, Author
“This was an extremely thought provoking book. 20,000 Day and Counting provides timeless truths and is a powerful tool which can help anyone set the priorities in their life.”
Tim Goad | President & Founder, Tim Goad International
“I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to dramatically change their lives...and quickly!"
Jason Countryman | Vice President, Pocket Pak Albums, Inc.
“A no frills, dynamite message that will leave you reeling in anticipation to live every day to the fullest. I will never be the same."
Ken Davis | Speaker, Author of Fully Alive
“Everyday principles for living the best life you can and finding what really matters. Just 15 minutes into the book and I have actionable steps for improving my day-to-day life."
Denny Swindle | Co-founder and CTO, Help Scout
“Robert D. Smith is like no one else I know. He is a modern-day hero. Most of my success can be attributed to modeling the concepts in his book. If you want to live a meaningful and happy life, read this book and then frame a copy of the cover. Hang it someplace where you’ll see it every day to remind you of how the principals in it transformed your life.”
Mike Smith | Artist Manager, President/CEO, Michael Smith & Associates
“From the heart, to the point, and right on time. Robert D. Smith is that truly rare individual who almost immediately becomes one of your closest friends, and always seems to know what you need to hear, exactly when you need to hear it. It's time you met your new best friend."
Howie Klausner | Writer, Filmmaker
“Once in a while, you receive the rarest of gifts: a person who ushers you into the next and better version of yourself. Robert has served as that catalyst and friend to me and many of today's most influential leaders. I add my voice to the chorus saying, "Finally! He's written a book and can help more than one person at a time!" In 20,000 Days and Counting, Robert has shared his most valuable help and support, information that has personally transformed my life. If you've been searching for clarity of purpose and a map to lead you to your full potential, congratulations. You hold it in your hands.”
Chance Scoggins | Grammy and Dove Award-Winning Producer, Blogger, Speaker
"Time is not ours to spend as we choose, it is a trust from our creator and we must give an account to Him for how we invest it. This factor makes the reading of this book very important for everyone."
Bill Gothard | PhD, President of Institute in Basic Life Principles, and Chairman of the Board of the World trade center of Chicago and Illinois
20,000 Days and Counting will permanently change your view on "today." Through encouragement and inspiration, Robert D. Smith teaches you how to maximize the rest of your life!”
Kathy Ward | Wife, Mother, and Grandmother of Four Perfect Grandchildren
“Anyone who truly wants to make a difference NOW—and for ETERNITY—will benefit from reading this book.”
Jan Loy | Certified Life Coach, SharingEncouragement.com
“Practical, inspirational, and challenging, 20,000 Days and Counting will move you to action to live every day with purpose!”
Joel W. Smith | President, Comprehensive Media, Inc.
“This book is a must have! Whether you are just starting out, or have been in the workforce for years, 20,000 Days and Counting is a quick but profound read."
Chad Jeffers | Musician/Speaker/Author of 25 Notes for the Successful Musician
“Want to know a secret? Life’s greatest secrets are not secrets...but they are found in unexpected places. 20,000 Days and Counting is one such place. This is one book you’ll find yourself recommending repeatedly.”
Ramu Tremblay | Realtor®, Coldwell Banker Island Properties, Maui
“Robert D. Smith knows how to cut through the clutter! The truth is that the clock is ticking for all of us. Robert teaches us how to focus and find true purpose, joy, and fulfillment in our lives...how to conquer rejection and find your path. The secrets in this book are simple and empowering. Minutes do matter, and your life can be drastically different minutes from now.”
Kevin Williams | Guitarist (Gaither Vocal Band), Humorist, Speaker
“The only way I can think of to describe this book is as a welcome kick in the butt. Get ready to wake up and start living, everyone!”
Brian Bakken | Entrepreneur & Chairman of the Board, Acts100.org
“Be warned. This short read will change your life. Believe its simple message and life will never again be the same. I promise. So impressive are his ideas backed up by a life and life-style of credibility, I gave copies to each of my three adult sons.”
Dr. David E. Zimmerman | CRM's reFocusing Team Leader
“Rarely do you find a book so short with so much impact. However, 20,000 Days and Counting is probably one of the best, most influential books for me and my business, that it’s hard to even explain—without actually reading it yourself. Doing exactly what it says, it’s given me a completely new outlook on life. On business. And it helps to strengthen and support the fact about how special life really is.”
Jared Matthew Kessler | Chief Copy Officer and Author, Massive Action Copywriting
“I’ve known Robert for a few years now, and had no idea how much we had in common: we’re both avid quote collectors, former door-to-door salesmen, and passionate about the grand things in life—our faith, family, purpose, and the minutiae such as planning and process. 20,000 Days and Counting was a wonderful and inspiring exercise in comparing notes and picking up some amazing thoughts, questions, and goals that have been missing from my playbook. A quick read and thought-provoking call to life action.”
Rich Peluso | Vice President, AFFIRM Films / Sony Pictures Entertainment
20,0000 Days and Counting IS Robert D. Smith, not just some abstract ideas thrown down on paper. It was as if he jumped off the page and into my living room. This is a quick read but one that will fill your soul with the best kind of wisdom, that which is lived in day-to-day life. I highly recommend this book.”
Jeff Allen | Comedian and Author
“Good things really do come in small packages. This little book is a treasure chest brimming with wisdom, joy, and clear-eyed counsel. Read it and be enriched."
Ian Morgan Cron | Author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller, "Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me: A Memoir... of Sorts.
“For those who know Robert personally, his enthusiasm and joy for life is truly infectious! This book is an amazing resource, with Robert sharing some of the secrets that led to his own personal and career success. He is known as TheRobertD since he is truly one of a kind!”
Greg P. Travis | Nashville Producer, Entertainment Tonight, Owner, Travis Television Productions
“My actual role model for a good inspirational book is one written by Robert D. Smith called 20,000 Days and Counting: The Crash Course for Mastering Your Life Right Now. I read this book in a single evening—it was a fun read with some interesting facts and quotes and, most importantly, it was impactful. This book had some great exercises that I accomplished over a weekend and actually enjoyed doing. I think about Smith’s book almost every single day and I talk about it with friends and colleagues. That, in my mind, is what makes an incredibly successful book. To me, it’s a 'home run.'”
Bill Maw | Author of The Work Life Equation
“When you’re pursuing a dream, it’s easy to be intimidated by “what you don’t know,” but Robert’s book provides practical steps on how to use “what you do know” to make your dream a reality! The principles in 20,000 Days And Counting are life changing!”
Don Moen | Dove-Award Winning Artist, Songwriter, Musician, Producer
“This book will inspire readers young and old to approach their lives with enthusiasm and make every day count.”
Carol Nygren | EVP & Managing Director, Women of Faith
"TheRobertD has unique and unprecedented wisdom that has made him the great accelerant to countless high-powered careers. In 20,000 Days and Counting he generously and abundantly gives you the inspiring principles to catalyze your next success. Who cares if you reach your goals? This book will guarantee you fulfill your life's purpose."
Rory Vaden | Cofounder Southwestern Consulting, New York Times Best-Selling Author of Take the Stairs
“This is the book that you don’t just read. After a few pages you will begin living it. You’ll realize it is not about “getting there,” but that success is the journey along that way.”
Jonathan Burleson | Director of National Sales, Gaylord Hotels
“We're profoundly moved with the implications and responsibilities Robert D. Smith's experience brings to life. This book moves us not just to do more, but to BE more."
Chris and Rich Hilicki | Founders of Dalmatian Press Children's Book Company
“From a man who has taught me what it means to live life to the fullest, the brilliant ideas from this book have changed my marriage, my business, and my daily routine forever.”
Nick Francis | Co-founder and CEO of Help Scout
20,000 Days and Counting offers a refreshing, eye-opening, and candid perspective on the fragility of life. It is such a gift to see a glimpse of Robert's amazing journey and have access to strategies that will most definitely impact the rest of my life!"
Jared McDaniel | Co-founder and Designer, Help Scout
“Robert D. Smith's influence on my wealth, passion, and zest for life cannot be understated. This little book encapsulates why...it's rocket fuel for life's best stuff!"
Gabriel Smith | CEO, Legacy Learning Services
“If you read this book and your life is not changed forever, then you may be out of days. Smith's writing will put a song in your heart that will resonate for a lifetime."
Tracy Trost | Lead Visionary, Trost Moving Pictures
“Robert D. Smith is one who has discovered the matrix behind time management and living a fulfilled life. I recommend this book to anyone looking for more time and fulfillment in their lives.”
Kevin Johnson | Director of Sales, The Southwestern Company
“Want to focus on what really counts in life? 20,000 Days and Counting will show you a thought process that will obliterate any distraction that comes your way."
Charles B. Vogt III | Senior Vice President, Duke Realty
“Robert is more than an author, consultant, and marketing wizard. He is a guru. His 20,000 Days and Counting will take your life from zero to sixty before you can blink an eye.”
Johnnie Moore | Vice President, Liberty University, Author of Dirty God: Jesus in the Trenches
“Robert D. Smith captures the essence of life. We all have the same amount of time, the question becomes: What do we do with each day we are given? Will we use our days simply for ourselves and miss what life is truly about? Or, will we use each day for God's glory and thereby see Him change the world through us? Robert not only authors this truth, he lives it!"
Jeff Simmons | Pastor, Rolling Hills Community Church, Franklin, TN
“This is a wonderful read that will make you think in possibilities, act as if there were no obstacles, teach you to appreciate and savor every moment of life, and love on the people who live it with you! 20,000 Days and Counting propels you to be passionate about your purpose! Can't wait to live it and can't wait to share it!"
Melinda Leake | Educator, Suburban Middle Tennessee School District
“Bookstores are full of titles designed to help us manage our time. In this one, however, Robert D. helps us learn to manage our life and, as a result, managing our time falls into place. A must read for the young as well as for us old-timers.”
Philip K. Lyon | Principal, Lyon & Phillips, LLC
“In one stroke, Robert is able to break through all of the "stuff" we let get in the way of life as he guides us toward a present day of purpose, intensity, and gratitude. So read fast and live well.”
Jeremy Griffith | Manager of Quality Assurance, Stay-Linked Corporation
20,000 Days and Counting embodies the man, Robert D. Smith, like an old pair of slippers. Robert’s unique and exciting way always inspires me to be a better man in my personal and business life. And yes, he does eat dessert first.”
Lenny Sisselman | Artist Management, LSA Entertainment
“This book is fuel for finding passion, meaning, and abundance in every life. By the end of this read, you will not only feel the power of living your purpose in every moment, you will know how to focus it, hold it, and keep it every day. This from a man who proved it in his first 20,000.”
J. Mark Joyce, MD | Psychiatrist, Researcher, and Age Management Physician
“Robert D. Smith is the Yoda of life management. Be prepared to go out and do after reading this book."
Kyle B. Carlton | President, Carlton Financial Group
“Robert's book shows that if we face time head on, without fear, we will find our strength, and that God has armed us to discover our purpose. I read Robert's book twice. Once on my own, and once with family members. You will want to do the same.”
Christy Cashman | Founder, Saint Aire Productions
“There are motivational speakers and there are motivational doers. Robert D. Smith is going to teach you the key to motivation in this book, and it has nothing to do with what you say. This book is like a diamond, small and insanely valuable.”
Andy Traub | Founder, Take Permission Media Network
“When you realize and apply the truth in 20,000 Days and Counting, your life and destiny will change forever. Do yourself a HUGE favor...read this book, apply the truth, and bless the world with your gifts."
William Haynes | President, Sabai Technology
“Occasionally, a person comes into your life whose influence changes you forever. Robert D. Smith has been that kind of person for me. He’s a man who truly lives “with intense purpose, constant joy, and lasting influence.” For years, I’ve wondered how he maintains such a passion for life. Finally he tells us. Don't be fooled by this book's brevity. Read it slowly. Drink it deeply. It might just change you forever.”
Gail B. Hyatt | Wife, Mother of Five Daughters, and Grandmother of Eight Beautiful Grandchildren
“This book is a gift to anyone who has the good fortune to read it. In 20,000 Days and Counting Robert provides a blueprint for us to make every minute count.”
Roddy L. Story, Jr. | Executive Vice President, Tennessee Bank & Trust
“It's rare that such practical advice is condensed into an easy-to-read format. If you're looking for a way to get more out of your next 20,000 days this is a must read"
Matt Barba | CEO, Placester.com
“In 20,000 Days and Counting, Robert does what Robert does best, he simply speaks and from the conversation of the book I can hear Robert saying to me, "you can do it!". This book has this resounding message. I encourage everyone to read and just listen.”
Kurt V. Beasley | J.D., C.P.A., Waterford Law Group, PLLC
"This book will make you passionate, excited, and utterly crazy about your life and the potential you possess. Be warned—people might stare!"
Patsy Clairmont | Speaker, Author of Stained Glass Hearts